FIM License, Start Permission and Insurance Requirements

License Requirements for United States Participants

  • FIM World Championship events require an FIM license whether held within the United States or in a foreign country. This includes FIM events in which participants are eligible to set an FIM World Record.
  • FIM International events held outside the United States (with the exception of Canada) require an FIM license.
  • FIM International events held in Canada do not require an FIM license if sanctioned by FIM North America.
  • FIM International events held within the United States do not require and FIM license.
  • FIM licenses are issued as one event or annual. Issuance of an FIM license requires AMA membership.

Riders’ Insurance – See Riders’ Insurance Scheme – FAQs

Start Permission Requirements for United States Participants

  • Start permission is required for FIM license holders who plan to race outside the United States. The start permission document certifies the participant is in good standing with the AMA. The start permission document will be provided to the FIM federation, promoter (if available) and the participant.
  • To request Start Permission a rider must contact AMA Racing at least two weeks prior to the event and provide the date, location, title and IMN (International Meeting Number) number of event.
  • Start Permission is the sole responsibility of the participant and failure to comply with this requirement will result in penalties.

Licensing Procedures for United States Participants

  • CANADIAN residents must purchase the FIM license through the CMA. Canadians do not need an FIM license to participate in International events held in the United States. They must have a current AMA membership unless the event is FIM North America sanctioned.
  • License fees are available on request.
  • Return the following completed forms along with insurance and licensing fees:
    1. FIM License Application Request for Start Permission
    2. Medical History Form (Appendix A&B) – (must be signed and stamped (Contact Name/Practice Name, address, phone, email) by the physician completing the document). Individuals over the age of 50 MUST complete successfully an exercise tolerance electrocardiogram.)
    3. Adult or Minor Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement
    4. Appendix 3 – Rider Consent Form
    5. These documents can be scanned and emailed to However, the ORIGINAL AMA Annual Release MUST be sent to Connie Fleming, 13515 Yarmouth Drive, Pickerington, OH 43147.
  • Forms and additional information

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